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Sportfishing San Pedro, CA

The Sport King

Sport King Sportfishing

he Sport King departs daily at 6:00am for ¾ day open party fishing. During the summer months the targeted species of fish include Yellowtail, White Seabass, Barracuda, Bonito, Calico Bass and Sand Bass. During the winter months our sights turn toward the variety of shallow water species available such as Sheephead, Whitefish, Rockfish, Sculpin and Salmon Grouper.

The Gail Force

Gail Force Sportfishing

The Gail Force is 55 feet long and 18 feet wide; is Coast Guard inspected and certified for up to 45 passengers. She was originally built as a crew boat for the THUMS Oil Islands in the Long Beach Harbor. After providing years of reliable service with THUMS she was sold and became an excursion boat running out of 22nd Street Landing for several years.

The Triton

Triton Sportfishing

She is 60′ long with a beautiful 20′ beam. She boasts a giant 180 scoop bait tank, side scan sonar, large RSW fish hold, 30 bunks, a freshwater maker and all the other necessities to make her a comfortable fish killing machine. Overnight she is licensed for 22 anglers and on day trips licensed to carry 41 anglers. Triton will operate 1/2 day to 2-day fishing trips out of L.A. Harbor Sportfishing in San Pedro, Ca.

About Us

Sportfishing in the Los Angeles Harbor in San Pedro, California, offers anglers the opportunity to enjoy a diverse range of fishing experiences. The LA Harbor, also known as the Port of Los Angeles, is a bustling port with various fishing options. Here are some key points about sportfishing in the area:

Fish Species:
The LA Harbor is home to a variety of fish species, including halibut, bass, yellowtail, white sea bass, barracuda, bonito, and more. The type of fish available can vary depending on the season.

Charter Boats:
Anglers can choose from a range of charter boats that operate in the LA Harbor area. These boats offer half-day, full-day, and sometimes overnight fishing trips.

Fishing Techniques:
Anglers can engage in different fishing techniques such as trolling, casting, and bottom fishing, depending on the targeted species and conditions.

Scenic Views:
The LA Harbor provides scenic views of the coastline, the Pacific Ocean, and the surrounding area. Anglers can enjoy the beauty of the Southern California coast while pursuing their favorite catches.

It's important for anglers to be aware of and adhere to fishing regulations, including size and bag limits, as well as any seasonal closures. Checking with local authorities or charter services can provide up-to-date information on regulations.

The LA Harbor is easily accessible from the greater Los Angeles area, making it a convenient location for both local and visiting anglers.

Fishing Seasons:
Fishing conditions and the availability of certain species may vary throughout the year. Anglers may want to consider the seasonality when planning their sportfishing trips.

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